Faux Fur Muff - Grooved Light Ivory

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Double Sided Fur Muffs

This perfect design has fur inside and out and will warm your hands instantly. Use it outdoors or indoors... whenever your hands get cold.

This beautiful, soft fur is a light ivory and will compliment so many colors however it will not go with snow white bridal gowns or dresses. (choose our snow white muff for white gowns). The pelt lines give this muff texture and depth & the winter white fur has a softer appearance than a bright snow white.

• Outstanding Quality Fur: Acrylic/Polyester
• Fur Type: Low Pile, Ultra Soft
• Cord: Ivory Braided
• Machine Wash, Air Dry OR Dry Clean Furrier Method
• Made in the USA

Available in three sizes:
Womens Size: 10 inches in length - $26
Girls Large: 8 inches in length - $19 - age 7-9
Girls Regular: 6.5" inches in length - $17 - age 3-6

Note: Girls age 10 and up should go with the women's size.