Cleaning & Care

Two Ways to Clean Your Fur
  1. Dry clean by furrier method.
  2. Machine wash, gentle cycle in warm water. Line Dry or Tumble on Air Only.

Absolutely no heat from the clothes dryer as this will destroy your fur.
Wrinkles are caused by being folded and will naturally disappear, usually within days. For quicker removal or to fluff the fur use a hair dryer. Use the highest air flow setting. Approximately 2” from the fur, blow the fur up and then down. (Against and then with the natural direction of the fur). The wrinkles will be gone within minutes. Be careful not to singe the fur.


Faux fur does not require cold storage. With larger items such as stoles, try not to crush the fur when packing away for the winter. This will cause embedded wrinkles and can be stubborn to remove.